For FREE, we will come to your office and:

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    Pinpoint any exposure or risk of potential lapses in security, data loss, power outages and system downtime.

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    Check your backup system to ensure that it's working properly and actually backing up all of the critical files and information you never want to lose.

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    Diagnose any slow, unstable machines you've been struggling with.

  • SBT Partners

    Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defense against even the most evasive and deadly computer viruses, hackers and spam for your specific network.

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    Recommend ways to speed up your entire computer network while cutting costs on your Internet Service bill, e-mail, and possibly even your phone bill!

  • SBT Partners

    Give you a detailed written report in plain English (your Network Health Score) that outlines where you are at high risk for viruses, downtime or other problems – and what you need to do to eliminate those risks.

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7 Things We Do Better

We challenge you to find another IT company that can provide you with all of these promises! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee includes the following:

We EARN your business EVERY 30 DAYS

Most IT companies require you to sign a long term contact...and don't let you out of them even if they're providing poor service! SBT GUARANTEES our service, and if you're not happy, we have a 30 day cancellation policy.

Proactive IT Support

Instead of constantly putting out IT fires, the experts at SBT Partners will proactively monitor and maintain your network and technology. That means we can prevent costly downtime and solve computer problems that could potentially harm your business - before you ever even know they existed.

Predictable Budgeting

We provide fixed-rate IT support that removes budget surprises. This way you can focus on your business instead of your IT costs.

12 Month IT Roadmap

Companies want an IT provider that understands their unique needs and ensures that IT is aligned with their business goals...NOW and IN THE FUTURE. SBT creates a 12 month IT Roadmap that introduces innovative technology, addresses hardware and software replacement schedules, and allows you to define your Annual IT Budget.

We're all about delivering Technology-as-a-Service

Most IT support companies make their living selling expensive network and computer hardware - in a Capital Expense (CAPEX) model - that's against our philosophy. SBT Partners is a Modern MSP - that means we provide "everything" in an "as-a-service" model - we call that Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) - and yes including hardware.

Large Service Team

The Technicians and Engineers of SBT Partners have attained some of the highest certifications from all the major manufacturers. Our technical resources average 14 years of industry experience.

Industry Experience

We've managed the IT of 100s companies...ranging from 20 employees to 5,500 employees. When you have a problem....WE'VE SEEN IT and FIXED IT before.

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  • As a Modern MSP SBT Partners is always customer-first

    I can consistently depend on the technical expertise at SBT Partners to get the job done with personalized service, attention to detail, and a work ethic that I would want from my own employees. When an end-user is experiencing technical difficulty, is having a bad...

  • SBT worked with our shoestring budget

    "SBT worked hard to find a better solution for JA on a shoestring budget. Since partnering with them, we have found they are responsive, professional and dedicated to making sure our technology needs are always met. We have had some hiccups with software integration and...

  • SBT lets us sleep at night

    "Being an IT team of two at a 24/7 global manufacturing company makes managing our servers impossible without the services provided by SBT."

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