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    Pinpoint any exposure or risk of potential lapses in security, data loss, power outages and system downtime.

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    Check your backup system to ensure that it's working properly and actually backing up all of the critical files and information you never want to lose.

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    Diagnose any slow, unstable machines you've been struggling with.

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    Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defense against even the most evasive and deadly computer viruses, hackers and spam for your specific network.

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    Recommend ways to speed up your entire computer network while cutting costs on your Internet Service bill, e-mail, and possibly even your phone bill!

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    Give you a detailed written report in plain English (your Network Health Score) that outlines where you are at high risk for viruses, downtime or other problems – and what you need to do to eliminate those risks.

About Sbt Partners

About SBT Partners

Discover our passion for empowering businesses through excellence in cloud & managed IT services and planning.

SBT Partners is a ModernMSP which specializes in delivering Technology-as-a-Service to the SMB across all verticals. At SBT, we view technology as a business driver and enabler. Our goal is to help our clients align their business with the appropriate technology and services to optimize operational efficiencies. We have extensive expertise in the design and implementation of Cloud & Managed Services solutions that include complete IT support. SBT delivers custom-tailored technology and support solutions to its clients based on their unique business requirements via flat, predictable, monthly fees all for the sole purpose of driving business-outcomes.

Our Solutions are Built Around You

The SBT Partners' engagement model focuses on the client. As a Managed Services Integrator (MSI), we contract with industry leading providers of managed services as well as other proven partners required to build a client solution. SBT Partners provides our clients with a single point of responsibility for planning, deployment, and support. This model benefits our clients by enabling cost savings derived from our partners' economies of scale. SBT Partners serves as the solutions integrator.

Strategic IT Planning

The IT Annual Plan is the starting point for any successful relationship with our clients. The plan creates a set of well defined, measurable IT-support requirements that align with your business needs. The IT Roadmap establishes the priorities for investment in infrastructure and services that can serve as a critical enabler to your business growth. The IT Roadmap, and the assignment of a Technical Account Manager (TAM) as your single point of contact, is embedded in all the solutions we offer. Over time, the end result of our process is to provide opportunities to improve productivity and business growth while reducing costs.

SBT Partners cost-effectively aligns technology with our client's core business strategy by introducing the services you need when you need them. We help you achieve agility by remaining flexible within the context of your IT Roadmap.

Accountability Like You've Never Seen

With SBT as your managed services implementer, you are truly never on your own. We start our engagement by getting on the same page and developing a thorough understanding of your business, how it works, and where it's headed. Your 12-month IT Roadmap keeps us on the same page and gives you the clarity of fixed monthly costs and strategically planned investments. A unique element of our culture at SBT Partners is our focus on accountability. At every point of service, an individual is directly responsible for your ticket or project. At no time do your communications go ignored or unanswered.

We Cultivate Drive

The SBT Operational Team is comprised of a variety of technical resources with diverse skills sets and responsibilities. The profession we have all chosen isn't easy. It takes a certain individual with unique skills and ability to succeed in this industry.

We have built our company around a group of people who are professional, responsive, and efficient. Our personnel continuously upgrade their skill sets to maintain their competitive edge in this constantly changing and turbulent industry. We have structured our organization around the concept that world-class, enterprise-level managed services should be accessible to small and midsized businesses.

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  • As a Modern MSP SBT Partners is always customer-first

    I can consistently depend on the technical expertise at SBT Partners to get the job done with personalized service, attention to detail, and a work ethic that I would want from my own employees. When an end-user is experiencing technical difficulty, is having a bad...

  • SBT worked with our shoestring budget

    "SBT worked hard to find a better solution for JA on a shoestring budget. Since partnering with them, we have found they are responsive, professional and dedicated to making sure our technology needs are always met. We have had some hiccups with software integration and...

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    "Being an IT team of two at a 24/7 global manufacturing company makes managing our servers impossible without the services provided by SBT."

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