So why would you care about "Cloud Technology Solutions Bundles"?

Yes, the technology world is evolving at the speed of light - largely driven by cloud computing and on demand services world. That's the good news - a vast menu of technology choices at your fingertip - but where to start, what to chose, who to partner with......

It's simply like going to your favorite restaurant to satisfy your appetite. Do you satisfy your appetite with a single food item? - Not! So why try and satisfy your need for technology to help achieve your desired business outcomes with single stand-alone technology? Same situation - you can't. That's why we created "Technology Solutions Bundles" desiged with you in mind - to satisfy your "business outcomes appetite" - we did all the cooking for you. Here are a few of our top technology solutions bundles.

Cloud Starter Kit

The appetizer to immediately help you realize the benefits of cloud computing. A combination of the best-in-class technologies combining your email, file/sync/share and voice.

 SBT Cloud Starter Kit - Essential

  • Microsoft Office365 - email only
  • Auto Task Workplace - File/Sync/Share
  • Cisco Spark - call only

SBT Cloud Starter Kit - Premium

  • Microsoft O365 - Premium
  • Auto Task Workplace - File/Sync/Share
  • Cisco Spark - Call/Messaging/Meeting

Collaboration and Messaging Starter Kit

Simple and quick access to world-class productivity-focused technology.

Message, Meeting and Call

Message - Your work lives here. Set up spaces for your projects and teams. Join the conversation and communicate easily from any device, anywhere.
Meeting - Start a video call with anyone instantly. Or schedule ahead with Cisco WebEx-powered meetings. Pull your local team into your conference room and join using your new Cisco Spark Room System.
Call - Your business phone system. Use Cisco IP Phones to make HD voice and video calls in the cloud. Not at your desk? No problem. You can answer and make calls anywhere using the Cisco Spark app.

Collaboration & Messaging Starter Kit - Essential

  • Cisco Spark - call only 

Collaboration & Messaging Starter Kit - Premium

  • Cisco Spark - call/messaging/meeting


A few more details

  • Collaboration Bundles are per user pricing
  • Collaboration Bundles will require an additional/separate Infrastructure lease for the following: Handsets, switches, security equipment
  • 36 month, 0% financing is an option 

Technology-as-a-Service aka TaaS Refresh Bundle

A great painless option for any SMB client who have aging IT environments and need to make a major upgrade in technology 

  • For most SMB’s, this is the first step in the mindset change from the traditional reactive/capex model to the new, modern IT, utility-based, monthly TaaS approach
  • Designed to refresh all major back office equipment with new on-premises equipment or a mix of both cloud and on-premises
  • Our typical first step with our clients is a "Free TaaS assessment”
    • Pre-sales/consulting services are suggested to develop a baseline of what existing equipment can be used and what needs to be replaced
    • SBT will deliver options and custom-tailor a TaaS solution post-assessment
  • TaaS bundles are based on 3 potential monthly subscriptions:
    • Infrastructure Refresh Lease – composed of new/replacement on-premises equipment (servers, network, security, backup)
    • Infrastructure Cloud Subscription – cloud based IaaS option that meets the unique needs of the client’s business. Options include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc.
    • Managed Services – monthly fee for complete support, per user pricing



Our Special Sauce

At the end of the day this is what makes SBT Partners unique and special.

  • All migration and/or setup services included in monthly fee….no large up-front capex expense required!
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Virtual CIO Services - Strategic planning assistance and guidance (IT Roadmap)
  • Unlimited Service incidents and full Lifecycle support for all covered users and IT devices
  • Improved uptime through proactive monitoring, patching, and defined SLA’s for all covered IT systems and users
  • Access to enterprise-class technology, support toolsets & delivery process
  • Accessibility to larger pool of skill sets and real-world experience levels to address IT issues….On Demand!
  • Call tracking and trending through our SBT Support Portal
  • Capped costs with a predictable, budgeted, fixed monthly fee