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    Pinpoint any exposure or risk of potential lapses in security, data loss, power outages and system downtime.

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    Check your backup system to ensure that it's working properly and actually backing up all of the critical files and information you never want to lose.

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    Diagnose any slow, unstable machines you've been struggling with.

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    Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defense against even the most evasive and deadly computer viruses, hackers and spam for your specific network.

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    Recommend ways to speed up your entire computer network while cutting costs on your Internet Service bill, e-mail, and possibly even your phone bill!

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    Give you a detailed written report in plain English (your Network Health Score) that outlines where you are at high risk for viruses, downtime or other problems – and what you need to do to eliminate those risks.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Upload your financial records, client data and files over the internet daily to a secure, offsite data center. Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery protects your company from costly hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption, viruses, hackers, fire, and acts of nature.

Secure & Effortless Backup

There are ways in which your business is only as reliable as your backup solution. Since hardware and software malfunctions are a reality of modern business, it is vital to proactively prevent down time and to have a recovery plan in place for incidents of loss. Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery protects your company from costly hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption, viruses, hackers, fire, and acts of nature.

SBT's Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery services implements daily uploading of your financial records, client data, and files to a secure, offsite data center. This option is especially valuable to global organizations and others comprised of multiple business locations as it centralizes and streamlines recovery.

Increased Capacity Amplifies Data Loss

Every year, six percent of all PCs suffer an episode of data loss. In an imperfect system, proactive protection is key. Conventional B&DRM Solutions were not designed for the digital environment. This means that risk exposure is always increasing with regard to data loss. SBT's Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery puts in place the processes your business needs to shore up your information assets in real time, and to restore your systems quickly and thoroughly should a disaster occur.


"We greatly appreciate the customer service exhibited by the SBT Team. Their response time and attention to customer issues is truly outstanding."

–Logan Thompson, Office Manager Actifio

SBT Partners' Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution will...

  • Eliminate unreliable, outdated tape drives (thousands of business lose millions of dollars worth of data and, in every case, they used tape backup)
  • Eliminate time consuming rotating and storing of tape by bringing your data into a safe, secure offsite environment via reliable internet technology.
  • Provide backup of ALL data without the size limitation of tape/disk.
  • Guarantee quicker recovery time while providing significant cost savings

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    I can consistently depend on the technical expertise at SBT Partners to get the job done with personalized service, attention to detail, and a work ethic that I would want from my own employees. When an end-user is experiencing technical difficulty, is having a bad...

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