Strong expertise combined with personal service. A pleasure to work with.

National Amusements has been extremely satisfied with the services provided by SBT Partners over the last three years. The combination of exceptional service, high quality engineers, real-time monitoring tools, and a clearly defined process where we can obtain direct access to the experts has made our partnership with SBT very successful. SBT's insight, guidance and solution deployment for National Amusements saves our IT department time and provides our company a tangible return on investment.

SBT has proven to us time and time again to be an integral part of our IT.

Like many businesses with highly distributed operations, we found ourselves spending a lot of money on information technology without fully utilizing its potential. IT is a proven differentiator for our customers within the sales process and helps us retain the best real estate talent. We had a problem that we could not fix without expert help.

In the two years we have been working with SBT Partners they have proven to be an invaluable resource. They played a major role in reducing system-related help desk calls from 5 – 7 per day to maybe 1 or 2 a month. We continue to work with SBT Partners because they are knowledgeable, proactive, responsive, and flexible.

SBT Partners was my Knight in Shining Armor. One of my servers went down suddenly and the IT company I had did not resolve the issue after 3 days of being down. SBT Partners had worked all weekend to get our school back up and running. They have been very responsive to our needs in a timely fashion.

I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a top notch IT company!

Our organization suffered from years of neglect to our IT infrastructure. Previous IT managers had no vision or strategy. SBT Partners asked to show us what they could do and they were willing to "put skin in the game" to prove their value. SBT Partners originally saved the day for us by correcting some firewall issues. Then, we contracted with SBT Partners on a series of large scale projects.

Because of SBT's effort, we were able to complete a year's worth of projects for our main location plus nine schools in less than three months!

We could NOT have been successful without the experts at SBT Partners, THANK YOU!

We've worked with SBT Partners for more than 3 years now and are very pleased with the service they provide. We can reach out to our SBT representative at almost any time and get an immediate response to our concerns.

Since the switch from our previous provider, we have stabilized the environment dramatically and have a partner that is very progressive, responsive, and willing to help us move forward and provide us with the ability to address these issues quickly. I will tell you that before SBT, it was a nightmare. Not only do we realize a significant reduction in costs associated with IT maintenance, we see a much higher level of service as the help desk provides first layer support, patch management, upgrades, and the capability to resolve these issues very quickly across the entire Carolina Company.

As a one-person IT department for a company of 130 employees with two locations, keeping up with help desk requests alone can be a full time job. By partnering with SBT Partners I've been able to off load the day-to-day support and system monitoring to them so that I can focus on more strategic processes and planning. I have been working with SBT partners for about two years now and can say I have the highest regard for the way they work with me and with the people here. I have always found them to be very responsive when we have to contact them for various issues people may encounter with their computers. They do what they can remotely, which saves all of us time and money, but when they're needed on-site they don't hesitate to make the necessary arrangements to be here as quickly as possible. When they do need to be on-site to work directly with one of the users here, I have always followed up with the users to get feedback on their experience and I have never once had any complaints about SBT's professionalism or knowledge. They have always treated the people here with respect and always take the time to answer any questions we may have.

Not only do we use SBT Partners for help desk support, but also for monitoring and support of our network, servers, and Exchange e-mail server. I have also found their technical expertise and insight to be invaluable for IT Roadmap planning and for recommendations on network, server, and storage hardware and software. I provide the lead on all major projects and they are always happy to assist at whatever level I need.

Making the transition to SBT was very smooth. They truly form a partnership with you to ease your concerns about your IT needs.

We interviewed 7 companies, narrowed it down to 3. SBT won out due to their business model.

Recently we went through a significant transition in IT management that was very difficult. SBT was able to come in quickly and take control of our network infrastructure. I felt confident that we were in good hands, and they worked with us to resolve long-standing issues. They truly felt like a part of our team and were available when we needed them. I know I slept better at night knowing they were on the job.

We greatly appreciate the customer service exhibited by the SBT Team. Their response time and attention to customer issues is truly outstanding.

Being an IT team of two at a 24/7 global manufacturing company makes managing our servers impossible without the services provided by SBT.

SBT worked hard to find a better solution for JA on a shoestring budget. Since partnering with them, we have found they are responsive, professional and dedicated to making sure our technology needs are always met. We have had some hiccups with software integration and SBT was there every step of the way even though the process took a few days. They go above and beyond as they care about our team as if we were a part of theirs.

I can consistently depend on the technical expertise at SBT Partners to get the job done with personalized service, attention to detail, and a work ethic that I would want from my own employees. When an end-user is experiencing technical difficulty, is having a bad experience with their computer, and is frustrated I ask "Have you contacted SBT Partners?" a typical response is "Yes, and they have been great." 

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