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All the technology your Boston-area business needs.

From Plymouth Rock to Fenway, SBT Partners solves all Boston-area business IT needs. Technology is important to your business regardless of what you do. You need a reliable way to organize, a safe procedure for accepting money, the ability to communicate, and a way to store and categorize information. Your business needs help when these systems fail and a guiding hand to navigate growth and changes in technology.

It’s easy to think of SBT Partners as simply an IT company, but we are much more than that. Not only do we offer first-class IT services, a working knowledge of technology, and the expertise to apply out-of-the-box solutions to a wide range of issues, but we offer something even better—peace of mind. With us you have the confidence to conduct your business when, how, and where you need to without worry. We excel at providing cost-effective technology solutions, reliable hardware, and exceptional customer service. These are many of the ways SBT Partners can bring the best possible value to your business:

Free Cloud Assessment

When your Boston business is looking to expand to the cloud, call SBT. Cloud computing is taking the business world by storm, as it offers a wealth of advantages to small and medium businesses. Reduce costs by hosting applications and storing important information offsite, reducing the need for expensive servers. Protect your business by being able to back up systems and restore them at a moment’s notice, making it disaster– and mistake-proof.

Our technology experts look at all aspects of your IT environment, assess where the cloud can help you the most, and come up with an airtight action plan that gets you into the cloud. This free assessment comes with no obligation and is guaranteed to find ways for your business to work better, be safer, and save money.

IT Roadmap

Where will your business be in six months? Six years? Making sure your technology closely matches your business objectives is paramount to your success. With SBT’s strategic IT roadmapping services, you’ll be able to remain on track and mitigate all the risks that come with change and transition. Our Virtual CIO (vCIO) services deliver a roadmap customized to your business’s unique IT issues, your growth, and your individual industry.

SBT Partners can lead your IT decision-making, helping with budgets and making sure your company has the technology it needs to get the job done. We can also lead any IT project you need, from designing individual applications to installing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, or any long-term IT project your business needs.

Total IT Management

With the right technology in place, coupled with stellar IT support, your business will be streamlined and invincible. Technology is such an important piece that it’s dangerous to ignore or put on the back burner. If your Boston-area business is ready to take the next step, call us today!

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"SBT has proven to us time and time again to be an integral part of our IT."

— Dennis Rachiele , PC-Network Systems Manager at TACO Inc.

We greatly appreciate the customer service exhibited by the SBT Team. Their response time and attention to customer issues is truly outstanding.

— Logan Thompson , Office Manager of Actifio

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