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Vulnerability Testing

How Confident Are You In Your Cybersecurity?

Is the platform you’re currently using protecting your network as well as it should? At SBT, our cybersecurity solutions and assessments are designed to help you uncover shortcomings in your existing solution; from there, we perform a vulnerability test designed to shed light on what fortifications might make sense going forward. Our vulnerability tests offer a concrete, steadfast plan for identifying issues with your cybersecurity, with a detailed approach including:

  • Comprehensive planning: Before we start anything, we’ll help you define your objectives, outline the process itself, and discuss what specifically our team is looking for during an assessment.
  • Learning about your infrastructure: The more background we have on what system we’re dealing with, the more effectively we can uncover what issues are lurking in your system.
  • Vulnerability detection: Our experts deploy unique software to find out where your network is most vulnerable.
  • Reporting and analysis: What’s the point of performing a test if you don’t learn anything from it? SBT offers detailed reports after we’re finished performing our vulnerability assessment. We’ll go through every step of the process with you, ensuring that you understand exactly where those pain points are for your network.


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Why Do I Need A Vulnerability Assessment?

Let’s say that you’re unsure about whether or not your current cybersecurity solution is up to the task for keeping your data protected. Who would you rather identify those weaknesses: a hacker or a team of professional IT experts who remediate—not exploit—the problem? A cybersecurity testing company like SBT can highlight your shortcomings in a safe, constructive fashion.

Penetration testing companies and vulnerability assessment experts can help your company in myriad ways, including:

  • Preventing customer loss: If your data is compromised, your customers will most likely jump ship to a provider that can reliably protect their information.
  • Mitigate financial damage: What happens if your network gets breached? First of all, you have to pay to get it fixed. Second, the loss in business might be significant.
  • Minimize downtime: The longer you’re network is down, the more likely you are to suffer significantly when it comes to productivity. A vulnerability assessment can revamp your security and determine whether or not you need a recovery solution, so that you never have to worry about suffering from downtime.

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