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Cybersecurity Strategies For 2019

Don’t Get Left Behind—Upgrade Your Security With SBT

When our clients first come to us, there’s almost always a common thread in the reason why. An outdated cybersecurity solution is a weak cybersecurity solution, and the longer you wait to make a change for your network, the more likely you are to suffer the consequences of a cyberattack. If it’s been a while since the last time you made a change, that means you’re probably due for an upgrade. If you want to find a solution that monitors and manages your sensitive information, you need a security team that delivers a wide range of protective services. You can’t afford to feel insecure with how you’re keeping your critical infrastructure safe. At SBT, we’re always finding new ways to keep your sensitive data safe from external threats—no more having to rely on a stagnant, outdated model of protection. In this blog, we’ll talk about what security solutions you need for your network in 2019, so that you can keep your computer systems up and running no matter what.

Update Your Data Protection

There are few things more critical to your company’s success than the data you rely on everyday. But what happens to your workflow when a data breach occurs? A secure, consolidated security system is absolutely crucial for maintaining continuity across your entire network. SBT allows for optimal flexibility when it comes to data security: our team offers custom-tailored solutions for remote access and device collaboration, while still keeping your data safe and sound.

Roadmap Your Risk Strategy

We all know what kind of problems might arise in the future, but do you have a concrete plan for when they do? Risk mitigation is an area that no business can ever afford to overlook. Nullifying threats before they have a chance to disrupt workflow and increase downtime is necessary for any business. Make sure that your entire staff is not only aware of what threats are preventable, but what steps they can take to make sure that the situation never spirals out of control. If you want to maintain a predictable technology budget, you need to do everything that you can in order to avoid risk.

Maintain Compliance With Industry Standards

A lot of industries have specific standards that companies have to adhere to when it comes to securing data. In order for your business to avoid costly fines or other penalties, maintaining compliance is critical. If you want to avoid downtime, retain your clients’ trust, and secure your private data, there’s no other option than to remain compliant.

Looking For Quality IT Services, Charlotte? Look No Further Than SBT

Don’t let an avoidable issue be the reason that your business suffers the consequences. At SBT, we’re specialists when it comes to delivering high-quality, reliable security solutions for our clients. Our approach to your business is entirely dictated by your goals, needs, and budget, so that you can always be confident that we’re installing the right solution for you.

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