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Everything Cloud Computing Can Offer Your Business

Cloud computing is something of a mystery to many small and medium-sized business owners. These companies are usually ones that have been doing business the same way for years and the thought of storing their data and applications somewhere else seems ridiculous and dangerous. And while concerns of data loss, privacy risks, security, or poor connectivity are valid, the risks aren’t all that risky and the benefits of cloud computing outweigh the them considerably. Just look at what cloud services can do for your business:

Save money

The computers in your data center cost money to purchase and run. They need to be managed, upgraded periodically, and as your business grows and you add more functionality and applications, you will need to buy more of them. This won’t be a  cheap purchase either. Cloud computing allows you to use off site computers to host your applications thus eliminating the need for an onsite data center. It also turns the money you spend on computing from a capital expenditure to an operational cost. No worries about depreciation or disposal. This also reduces your energy use and lowers your carbon footprint.

Increase storage space

Storage takes us a great deal of computing power which is why a remote option is more manageable and scalable to your present needs. The security for cloud computing is for the most part solid and reliable and not that different from in-house security.

Easily recover from data loss

To truly recover from a disaster from an in-house servers, you will need to duplicate everything. Moving to the cloud removes the need for redundancy and makes your business less susceptible to outages and downtime. The cloud is the future of data storage as it allows you to protect your data from theft, employee error, and natural disasters.

Increase or decrease use as needed

Cloud computing makes it easy to expand your computer resources. On the reverse, if you need to downscale to save more money, you aren’t left with licenses you are paying for but can’t use.  This function is great for start-up companies, allowing them to optimize their computing power without having to overspend for licenses and software fees.

Improve your flexibility

As your business grows, so does the need for applications and software. Instead of having to buy a dedicated server to run new applications, host them on the cloud. Cloud storage allows you to access your data from anywhere and at anytime.

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