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Overcoming Security Risks

Is Your Network Protected?

The methods and techniques hackers use to breach your cybersecurity are always evolving—shouldn’t the system you rely on to protect your network do the same? A critical component of a sound, effective IT provider is their security risk management offering.

SBT Partners provides cutting-edge security risk analysis and other high-level tools designed to further improve an already-airtight security solution so that you’re ready for the next cyberattack (because there will always be a next one).

Our multifaceted protection services are predicated on the idea that your security management system is only effective when it’s fluid. If you’re working with a provider that doesn’t look for new ways to identify new threats, you’re already falling behind the industry curve. Our process can be divided into several specific steps, which we’ll describe below.

Identify Threats

How can you protect your network from an attack if you don’t know what it looks like? The first step of our process is to make sure we know exactly what the threats to your network are and how big of a threat they pose. Your information security is only as good as the cyberthreats that it recognizes—without that, serious attacks could go undetected.

Assess Risks Proactively

Once we’ve determined the kind of security threats that are circling your network, we conduct a security risk assessment (SRA). We evaluate specific risks ahead of time and proactively work to make sure that the security solution you use is up to the task.

Prepare Your Security System

Now that we’ve identified what risks are out there with our security risk assessment tools, we start the work of preparing your network and computer systems for what’s to come. We make sure that your entire framework is up to date with your industry’s compliance requirements. For example, if you’re in the healthcare field, we make sure that your security solution directly corresponds with HIPAA privacy and security standards.

Solidify Business Continuity Process

No matter how well you prepare for security threats, there is always the chance that a cyberattack could level your network. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a reliable business continuity solution in place. This allows you to carry on with your work, retaining access to your entire system of data and applications.

Monitor Threats And Manage Vulnerability

Things might be working as they are for the time being, but that’s not worth much if you’re leaving various parts of your network exposed. Our threat monitoring and vulnerability management practices ensure that your security solution remains solid and is up to the task of defending your network from various threats. Hackers will always look to exploit the weakest point of your system; it’s our job to make sure that they’re never able to identify a chink in your armor.


If a cyberattack does take place, SBT Partners will develop countermeasures to keep your response time quick and efficient so you can get back to work. We’re always looking for new ways to shore up an already-proficient security solution, so you can count on our team of experts to keep your network safe.

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