Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS)

What Can TaaS Do For Your Business?

The most impactful change we made at SBT partners was our early adoption, refinement, and adaptation of the Technology- as-a-Service, or TaaS, model within the Small and midsized (SMB) market.

Your company receives a single, predictable monthly invoice that includes all systems and services from the desktop and beyond. TaaS means that you spend your time effectively running your business while SBT Partners efficiently manages all your information technology needs.

Here’s what TaaS could mean for your business:

  • No expensive capitalization of IT systems with extremely high obsolescence rates.
  • Little or no expensive IT staff.
  • Prompt on-site repair and replace.
  • Ongoing managed services delivered from a modern data center.
  • Seamless upgrades when required to services and systems as you grow.
  • A safe and secure environment for all your critical data.
  • And, yes…the cloud.

What are the requirements for complete TaaS implementation in your business? In a The model is new but the methodology is sound. It has been accepted and implemented within large companies. SBT Partners has adapted the model effectively for SMBs. We are miles ahead of our competition.

We look forward to helping you realize the benefits of TaaS for your business!