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Get the Help You Need, When You Need It

The Technical Account Management (TAM) is the glue that holds the Annual IT Plan together. The TAM is responsible for ensuring that the end-to-end process required to implement a successful managed services solution are in place and capable of meeting the client service level requirements. The TAM acts as the client advocate to our Network Operations Center (NOC) once the solution is deployed, providing ongoing oversight of services ensuring that all issues are resolved and managed.


All important technical communication flows between the client and the TAM. TAM involvement begins as soon as possible, engaging with the client as the primary technical advisor. The TAM is also responsible for ensuring project deliverables are achieved in accordance with the IT Roadmap.

The TAM will proactively schedule regular client meetings to review the status of the Annual IT Plan. The goal of these review meetings is to look at what we have accomplished, the challenges we've faced, and the progress we've made. Additionally, we use these meetings to collectively plan for the future in an effort to ensure your technology and business are aligned. We want to make sure that your technology is working for you, not against you.

Your Trusted Advisors

At SBT, we strive to not only be the best resource for your support needs, but to also be your trusted advisors. We track how your support tickets are trending to look for areas where risk can be mitigated and how your current technology is impacting your ability to function on a day-to-day basis. We look at where your business is going, and we work to position the right mix of technology and services to meet those future needs.