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The Issues With Break-Fix IT

Just like anything your business owns, your IT is prone to breakdowns. Computers last only so long, a well-meaning employee can make a mistake and delete important data, a hacker can find a way around your air-tight network security, all it takes is one incident to create panic. This is why SBT Partners provides proactive managed service for a flat fee instead of reactive break-fix maintenance. Our method is to proactively secure your network, provide your business with the newest equipment, and prevent issues before they happen. This is proven to be the most effective way to protect your vital data and keep your business running smoothly. 

But some small business owners will avoid a managed plan and opt to call for help when the need arises to either save money and avoid being tied to a service contract. While those concerns are certainly understandable, the nature of IT means you need professional services to monitor and support your IT instead of calling when it is needed most. Here are some reasons why a managed service will help your business more than waiting for something to go wrong.

Hourly Rates Vs. a Flat Fee

With SBT, one monthly fee handles everything. True, if you call a tech support company for help when something breaks, you may save money, but in our experience this is true only in the short term. When something goes wrong, the company you call to get everything back to normal will charge you by the hour meaning there is no incentive to work quickly and efficiently. Even if the error is found, it is more profitable for them to keep exploiting it. 

Outdated Systems

Our managed service plans are designed to make sure you have the best equipment and software available.  When you have access to the latest and greatest, everything seems to run much smoother. Compare this to a system where you are responsible for all equipment purchases and upgrades and where old, outdated equipment can fail at any moment. 

Is It Truly Fixed?

A company you call for an emergency repair has no relationship with your business other than the work in front of them. If your email server goes down they will get it working again, but how sure are you that they will have found the root of the problem. With our managed services, we don’t want to fix the same problem over and over just as you don’t want to experience it over and over again. This is why with SBT, we will find the root of the problem, get you up and running as soon as possible, and make sure the issue never comes back. 

Speak To Someone You Trust

Perhaps the greatest benefit that SBT Partners can offer is our partnership with your business and your employees. Your issues are our issues and when you want honest advice and realistic solutions to large problems, we are here. Your business goals become ours. 

If your business lacks an IT maintenance plan, if you depend on one-off IT vendors to keep your systems running, SBT Partners is here to show you that managed IT services is the better, and cheaper way. Call us today and start taking a proactive approach to your IT instead of waiting for disaster to happen.

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