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How to Scale Your IT as Your Business Scales

Managed IT services are designed to be everything to everyone, and while this is mostly true for many small and startup businesses, needs change as a business grows. Scaling is an important consideration for all businesses as they grow and markets change. In fact, “scaling” and “growth” are two separate concepts. Growth means a business is adding resources at the same rate as they are adding customers. For example, a law firm takes on a new client and has to hire additional staff to service them properly. They add revenue at the same rate as they have added additional costs, which means the impact of the new client is diminished by the additional costs to support them. 


Scaling, on the other hand, means adding additional revenue while only adding cost at an incremental rate. It is a planned approach rather than a reaction. Scaling reduces the time it takes for a small company to become a larger company. The company that learns how to manage scale, not growth, is one that has an edge over its competitors. This is one of the ways a managed IT service like SBT Partners can potentially save your growing business plenty of time and money, two important resources for young companies. It’s important, however, to work closely with your managed IT provider, talk with them about the below scenarios, and work together to find solutions that make sense for your business. 


Here are some questions to ask and concepts to think about that will help you to prepare your business to scale up when the time comes:

Think About How Technology Impacts How You Deliver Your Products

A food truck company that’s adding additional trucks to the fleet also needs to have the technology to support them. Point-of-sale systems, connectivity, and GPS are all important, and all of these bits of technology have to work in unison. A digital marketing company, on the other hand, relies heavily on computers, tablets, and secure networks to deliver its products. 

What Are Some Existing Processes You Have That Can Be Automated?

Financial management and accounting are two aspects of many small businesses that are often left to a specialist, which is expensive, or is as automated as possible. Laying strong groundwork when the business is young allows you to scale processes like these incrementally instead of all at once.

Do You Find Yourself Turning Down Potential Business Opportunities?

If you are turning potential clients away because you don’t have enough people, time, or technology, it’s time to talk to SBT Partners about scale. Setting new goals for your business always includes how your business plans to handle additional technology. SBT has responded to this for other clients by offering Technology as a Service (TaaS). This takes the guesswork and capital investment out of every bit of technology your business needs by providing exactly what you need, when you need it. 

When You’re Ready to Scale Your IT, Call SBT Partners

A trusted, knowledgeable IT specialist is critical to scaling your IT to match your growth. Our job is to provide you with the right answers, minimize your risk, and allow you to remain laser-focused on what matters most.

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