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The Benefits of Cloud Servers

It’s getting difficult to remember how things worked before cloud computing. Businesses had to pay for software licenses they would never need. Data storage was done on-site and was neither quick nor reliable, and if a business needed to restore data from backups, it took forever. Employees could only collaborate on documents that were emailed or saved locally, meaning multiple versions were in multiple locations. 

Out of this chaos and inefficiency rose a way for the internet to play an even bigger role in how businesses collaborate, store their information, and use technology. 

File Storage and Sharing

Floppy disks used to be standard equipment, but with better hard drives and now the ability to store data on remote servers, your storage capacity is almost limitless. Many services specialize in securely storing uploaded files, but perhaps where these services add the most value is in the tools they provide to give owners the access they need. This includes granting that access to other users for easy collaboration. 

Disaster Recovery and Backups

When computer systems needed to be restored in the past, technicians turned to stacks of floppy disks. Backups were difficult and time consuming to do daily, if they were done at all. Now with cloud data storage, everything can be stored and accessed remotely. If ransomware wipes out your data or if your physical location is threatened by disaster, cloud computing will have a complete snapshot of your system ready to go. Companies threatened by flood or that lose hardware due to fire or theft can reconstruct their servers using data that was saved remotely. 

Software as a Service

One of the greatest benefits of using the cloud is being able to access new and powerful software that streamlines what you do and increases productivity across your business. Until the cloud arrived, these expensive programs were available only to companies that could afford them. But through cloud computing, small and medium organizations can take advantage of vertical scalability, which gives them the option to access more, or fewer, services or features on demand. 

We Know Cloud Computing

If you want your business to take full advantage of the cloud and all the advances it provides, call SBT Partners. We have helped businesses like yours move to a more modern cloud solution. The cloud allows your business benefits such as:

  • Collaboration and messaging
  • Cloud computing and mobile devices
  • Hosted business applications
  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Business continuity
  • Hosted private cloud
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud backups
  • Cloud disaster recovery
  • Total end-to-end support
  • Cloud migration services
  • Office 365
  • Serverless computing

Let SBT Partners help you get the most out of technology today. 

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