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The Importance Of IT Assessments

You might be satisfied with your current IT setup, but how do you know if it’s going to pan out the way you want it to? Every company needs to be 100% confident in the technology services they’re using. Without the right hardware and software, you might very well be putting the success of your entire infrastructure in jeopardy. Outdated network security measures, ill-equipped software programs, and nonexistent business continuity solutions can spell disaster for your network.

SBT Partners’ broad range of IT support and services include in-depth assessment of your IT, highlighting any lingering issues, and putting you in the best position possible to work with quality technology. An IT strategy assessment is an invaluable tool for small businesses that don’t have the same resources as the big guys. Our team of experts can uncover pain points in your infrastructure and examine individual areas that have been causing you problems in the past.

What Are the Benefits Of An IT Assessment?

There are few things more critical to the success of your business than your IT strategy. Whether it’s optimizing your email security, implementing a more user-friendly onboarding process for new employees, or finding a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem, every company needs help deciding what’s right for them. An IT assessment is the perfect way to get to the root of the issues you’re facing and begin your strategic planning process.

Critical benefits of an IT assessment from SBT Partners include:

  • In-depth security risk assessments. You rely on your technology every day. How certain are you that it’s protected? SBT Partners can pinpoint shortcomings in your security system and provide clarity surrounding areas that need fortification.
  • Sensitive data protection. It doesn’t matter if it’s valuable information concerning your company or your clients. Whatever it may involve, your data needs to be protected. IT assessments can make sure that your data is protected and find a solution if it isn’t.  
  • Performance analysis. Is your current technology performing at the standard that it needs to? How high functioning is your software? Are you collaborating with the frequency and efficiency that you should be? We take a granular look at every nook and cranny of your network and make sure that the software and hardware that you’re working with are providing the results that they should.
  • Cloud assessments. Are you using the cloud already? We’ll make sure it’s the right fit. Haven’t made the move yet? We’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for migration. At SBT Partners, our only goal is to make sure that our clients have the perfect technology for their own unique environment.

Find Clarity With SBT Partners

Don’t let avoidable issues disrupt your productivity or jeopardize your success. SBT Partners’ in-depth IT assessments can clear up any doubt you might have concerning the performance of your network. Our team is here to help you work through whatever issues you might be facing now or will encounter in the future. Reach out today to shine a light on problems that you didn’t even know were waiting in the dark.

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