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Vendor Management

Are You Holding Your Vendors Accountable?

If you’re focused on performing your daily role, chances are you don’t have enough time to keep your vendors in line. And if you don’t even know what standard you should be holding them to, how can you expect them to align their services with what you actually need accomplished? SBT provides vendor management solutions, designed to mitigate risks and deliver a technology solution that lasts for the long run. A vendor-managed inventory is crucial for any business’ success, and SBT can offer services that address several critical areas that clients need to focus on, including:

  • Contract management services, including contract terms, salary budgeting, and more
  • Performance monitoring, and the elimination of disruptive practices and redundant operations
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Risk evaluation and mitigation

Seamless Integration For More Manageable IT

Without a cohesive strategy for your business, it can be a struggle to tie together every loose end. Vendor management allows companies to make informed decisions about what direction they should go in for the future. The more closely aligned your vendors are with your business’ mission, the more likely their service is to be a boon for you moving forward. SBT is responsible for maintaining detailed records of vendor performance, real-time data, and other business-critical management processes. You don’t have to go it alone; third-party vendors can be an enormous help for your company, and SBT wants to help you find the right ones for what you want to accomplish.


 Simplify your process

Streamline your vendor interactions with SBT.

Mitigate Risk Effectively

There are four main kinds of risk associated with technology; with SBT, our job is to make sure that your vendors are actively working to avoid every one of them.

The four predominant categories of risk are:

  1. Strategic: How your business decisions affect ongoing cost and long-term plans.
  2. Reputational: How your technology plays a role in maintaining a healthy reputation (if your cybersecurity is weak, clients could be warded off working with you).
  3. Compliance: If your outsourced provider isn’t up-to-date with legal standards, you could be in serious trouble
  4. Operational: How efficient is your technology? If you frequently find that your hardware and software is malfunctioning at the wrong time (is there ever a right time?), this could pertain to you.

We Will Make Your IT Easier

If you find that you’re overburdened with managing your vendors, SBT is here to offer the services you need. Our vendor management solutions are designed to mitigate risk, hold your vendors accountable, and make your entire process that much more manageable. Stop stressing over avoidable problems, and reach out to our team today.

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