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Windows 7 End of Life, Episode One: A New Hope

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Operating System to Windows 10

Not so long ago, Microsoft released Windows 7, which was arguably its most successful operating system to date and was quickly adopted across the globe. While Windows 1.0 in 1985 was the first graphical user interface on the commercial market and revolutionized how computers were used, Windows 7 was a breakthrough. It was the culmination of more than two decades of lessons learned from resounding successes like Windows XP and commercial and technological failures such as Vista. Windows7 was a proper tool that allowed businesses to run the software they needed, and personal users an easy and intuitive interface. It was the most practical operating system Microsoft had created.

Now, the world has moved on from Windows 7, and in January 2020, Microsoft will officially have moved on, too, when it ends its extended support phase for the operating system. This means it will no longer release security updates or bug fixes.

But for businesses that have been using Windows 7 with no trouble for the past decade, there is a newer hope. Windows 10 may be slow to catch on, but it has some outstanding features and upgrades from older Windows operating systems:

Better Speed and Performance

Windows 10 is a completely streamlined operating system. PCs and laptops running 10 are quicker and more nimble than systems running 7. People who have spent the past few years running Windows 7 or 8.1 will find 10 to be a substantial upgrade. Since users, these days leave multiple tabs, applications, and windows open for weeks and even months at a time —habits that would freeze up older operating systems—Windows 10 was made for this kind of use. It eliminates unnecessary processes and you’ll find less bloatware on Windows 10 systems than in previous versions.

Better Usability

Windows 10 puts a premium on functionality. Past versions of Windows were more intrusive and it almost seemed as if the system was running by itself. 10 is intended to be simpler in design, and it concentrates on user experience to work with the applications it’s supposed to run, not against them.

Also, Windows 10 can be used with touch-screen technology, which allows you to use different kinds of devices such as tablets and touch-screen PCs. This is a major benefit in our touchscreen society when your business has more opportunities for employees to work remotely.

Better Security

Windows 10 is the pinnacle of Microsoft’s ability to keep your networks safe through your operating system. Not only does it work seamlessly with external firewalls and other security technology, the operating system itself is a security feature, by flagging and notifying the user of potential risks to their machine.

Not Sure Where to Start? Call SBT Partners

It’s easy to upgrade with SBT Partners. We’ve helped hundreds of clients migrate their data from older systems to newer, and their businesses run better because of it. If you’re still running Windows 7, call us today and we can start working on a roadmap that will get you the technology to improve your entire business.

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