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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual CIO

Regardless of what your business does, you use technology to run it day by day. Technology processes your payments, it organizes your appointments and makes sure your employees and bills are paid. These are basic functions, but they are essential to running your business. If your company is just starting out, chances are you are acting as your own chief information officer and have made these technology decisions on your own. Now, imagine the technology needs your business will require in the next year. How about the next 5 or 10? The mere thought of managing every aspect of your technology over the next decade, and getting it right, may seem impossible. This is where a virtual CIO can mean the difference between steady growth and barely treading water.

Virtual CIO services from SBT Partners are your key to managing your technology needs while achieving your business potential. We have the capability to help you make strategic technology decisions, and we back that up with the ability and industry knowledge to carry those plans out. Here are some reasons why hiring a vCIO is one of the best decisions a small business owner can make.

Help your business save money

Your business might not be large enough to justify hiring a full-time CIO, much less an entire IT team. This means salaries, benefits, and the risk that the person you hire won’t have the skills as advertised to do an adequate job. Managed service providers scale their services to your specific business needs which lowers your operating costs. Since the work is outsourced, there is no need to pay overhead costs,  provide benefits, or arrange for training.

Make the most out of your technology budget

New businesses operate on very tight budgets, and this can be a serious problem when you need the functionality of new equipment without the means to acquire them. It is important to have the right technology to achieve your business goals, but this must be balanced against a budget so that the costs are controlled. Your vCIO is your resource to keep costs under budget and provide the technology your business needs all while keeping an eye to the future.

 Experts at your fingertips

A virtual CIO is an important resource to a growing business. As your company grows and you provide new products and services, your technology needs to change as well. This technology roadmap should be drawn by information technology experts so that you can achieve your business objectives.

Keep your networks secure

Security is one of the most important roles a vCIO plays in a company. They are responsible for designing and implementing the security infrastructure of your company. They must make sure the system is updated and patched so that it is completely current. hey also must create security policies that protect your company from falling victim to cybercrime. No matter how large your business is, these are critical functions and when you are busy growing your business, a vCIO service is indispensable.

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"In the two years we have been working with SBT Partners, they have proven to be an invaluable resource. They played a major role in reducing system-related help desk calls from 5 – 7 per day to maybe 1 or 2 a month. We continue to work with SBT Partners because they are knowledgeable, proactive, responsive, and flexible."

— Mary Martin , IT Manager at American Truetzschler Inc.

"Admark has been a customer of SBT Partners for over 10 years. In 2018 we took a year off and what a mistake that was! I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for. SBT is an integral part of our business from security, storage, redundancy to day to day up time and all other IT needs. They are 100% reliable, easy to work with, and experts about many different solution options. We all sleep better at night knowing SBT is behind us!"

— Tom Grotta , Owner of Admark Graphics

"SBT Partners was my Knight in Shining Armor. One of my servers went down suddenly and the IT company I had did not resolve the issue after 3 days of being down. SBT Partners had worked all weekend to get our school back up and running. They have been very responsive to our needs in a timely fashion. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a top notch IT company!"

— Jeanette Stiles , Director of Technology at Charlotte Preparatory School

"We interviewed 7 companies, narrowed it down to 3. SBT won out due to their business model."

— Rob Smith , Business Manager at Back Creek Christian Academy

"Making the transition to SBT was very smooth. They truly form a partnership with you to ease your concerns about your IT needs."

— Craig Gentry , CFO of GEM Management

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