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Cloud Backup

Affordable, Reliable Data Backup

If you’re a small business, chances are you don’t have the budget to splurge on wild IT solutions. You need something that’s cost-effective, but still gets the job done. That’s why you need reliably secure Cloud Backup services from SBT. Most companies consider data to be their most valuable asset, but most companies still backup their data using direct-attached storage, or don’t have any plan in place at all. The main issue? A lot of companies just haven’t been able to find a solution that makes sense for what they need. With SBT, we custom-tailor our approach to meet your specific needs so that all of your business-critical data is safe, secure, and out of harm’s way.

Benefits Of A Cloud Backup Solution

  • Efficiency and Reliability: Rather than rely on cumbersome, unreliable physical backup services, SBT’s cloud solutions offer cutting-edge, efficient technology. Cloud Backup includes tactics such as disk-based backup, end-to-end encryption, and server and storage virtualization, to keep your information safe.
  • Scalability: Maybe in the past it made sense to stick to a one-size-fits-all solution for your data, but not anymore. With so many technological developments driving change, you need to be prepared to adapt. Whether it’s hackers becoming more sophisticated or incorporating BYOD solutions into your business, you can’t afford to plateau. SBT offers scalable backup that adjusts with your business.
  • Quick, seamless disaster recovery and business continuity: The more reliable your data backup is, the easier it is to restore your data and important files. Cloud storage makes the entire process that much more simple—you won’t have to grasp at straws and search frantically to try and find different versions of files in the wake of a natural disaster, cyberthreat, or accidental data deletion.
  • Affordable Pricing: Compared to costly physical servers, Cloud Backup solutions are a far more cost-effective option. Rather than consistently backing up your information and upgrading to a new solution, you’ll enjoy paying a manageable monthly fee that makes sense for your budget.  


 How reliable is your current data backup solution?

With SBT, we make it easier than ever to backup business-critical data.

Make Your Next Move The Best Move

The more reliable your data backup, the easier it is to perform your daily role. Worries about cybersecurity, the safety of your data, and the performance of your software applications are out the window when you partner with SBT. Choose a provider that understands what you need for success—choose SBT for a data backup solution that you can count on.  

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