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COVID-19 and an Agile Workplace

Introduce Some Flexibility With Microsoft Teams and Office 365

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is the flexibility and security it brings to the modern workplace. With a global pandemic threatening all businesses, now is the perfect test of how flexible your business truly is.  

COVID-19 has shut down sports leagues, postponed large outdoor events, and businesses are encouraged to have their people work from home. The sudden prospect of having more than 90% of your workforce work remotely is a daunting task for the business that has resisted cloud computing. 

The modern workplace, however, is built to handle changes to the normal routine, no matter how abrupt. Office 365 and Microsoft Teams are great tools when you need to have your employees telecommute and when data safety is more important than ever. 


The Value of Office 365 and Teams

Microsoft has some powerful business tools that can keep your doors open until the outbreak is under control. The COVID-19 outbreak is an issue that goes beyond your technology, and since technology is what runs your business, it needs to be agile and modern to handle anything that could derail your employees’ ability to get the job done. 

    • Group email and calendars to stay in sync remotely.
    • Online meetings that allow anyone inside or outside your organization to join a virtual workspace.
    • Seamless screen sharing and video chat for powerful presentations.
    • Team-branded sites to deliver content and for collaboration.
    • Work with files remotely and securely without switching applications and with no loss of functionality.


Even If Your Company Doesn’t Work Remotely, It’s Never Too Late to Adapt

If your business was caught unprepared for the outbreak, SBT Partners is here to make sure you are ready for the next steps. A modern workplace will empower your employees and provide increased flexibility which ultimately results in increased efficiencies.  A Modern Workplace powered by SBT Partners is the first and best IT decision a company can make to ensure their business is optimized for the challenges of the digital age!

SBT Partners is hosting a free Microsoft Teams Training to help businesses adapt to working remotely. We’d love to see you there on March 24th, 2020. Sign up here.

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"As a one-person IT department for a company of 130 employees with two locations, keeping up with help desk requests alone can be a full time job. By partnering with SBT Partners I've been able to off load the day-to-day support and system monitoring to them so that I can focus on more strategic processes and planning. I have been working with SBT partners for about two years now and can say I have the highest regard for the way they work with me and with the people here. I have always found them to be very responsive when we have  contacted them for various issues people may encounter with their computers. They do what they can remotely, which saves all of us time and money, but when they're needed on-site they don't hesitate to make the necessary arrangements to be here as quickly as possible. When they do need to be on-site to work directly with one of the users here, I have always followed up with the users to get feedback on their experience and I have never once had any complaints about SBT's professionalism or knowledge. They have always treated the people here with respect and always take the time to answer any questions we may have. Not only do we use SBT Partners for help desk support, but also for monitoring and support of our network, servers, and Exchange e-mail server. I have also found their technical expertise and insight to be invaluable for IT Roadmap planning and for recommendations on network, server, and storage hardware and software. I provide the lead on all major projects and they are always happy to assist at whatever level I need."

— Mary Martin , Director of IT American Truetzschler

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