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How Does Office 365 Help Your Business?

SBT Partners’ Goal Is to Improve Your Business

There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get things done. To a business owner, free time is not just a luxury, it is unheard of. Microsoft Office 365 is the suite of essential business tools that will ease the frustration of daily tasks and revolutionize how you get things done. Better still, Office 365 is designed to provide these tools cheaper and without the long-term commitment the previous license-based model provided.

This blog will explore just some of the ways Office 365 will help you streamline your processes and give you the tools you need to run your company better.

Take Your Work Anywhere

Unlike previous versions, Office 365 documents are accessible anywhere. Imagine how helpful this is to a sales team at a conference or to your accounting team during a snowstorm. These documents are securely stored in the cloud, meaning they can be created, edited, copied, and shared with anyone, from anywhere. 

Every Application Is Up to Date

One of the main obstacles of productivity software is creating and sharing documents in house when all users have different versions. Office 365 is cloud based, which means your applications are updated the instant the update is available. There should be no compatibility issues, downtime, or lost work. The service will continually update your software with patches, new features, and enhanced tools as long as you continue the subscription. 

Enjoy the Security of the Cloud

Storing your data offsite doesn’t make it more vulnerable to security threats. Files that you access through Office 365 are always autosaved, and Microsoft has taken painstaking measures to make sure that the connection is as secure as possible. This means your risk of lost work or security breaches is negligible at best. 

Minimize Costs

The old way of doing things had businesses purchasing licenses for every copy of the software they wanted to run. This meant if the company anticipated growth, they had to plan ahead. If the company had licenses they didn’t need, they had to pay for them through the entirety of the agreement. Office 365 improves this by providing turnkey applications exactly when they are needed. 

Make Your Life Easier With SBT Partners

We are here to improve your processes, and Microsoft Office 365 affects your entire organization. SBT Partners has performed migrations for dozens of clients in the past, and we can do so for you with a minimum of downtime and fuss. 

Interested? Reach out to us today. Our IT specialists are ready to assess your current environment and show you how we can change the way you do business.

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