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Managed Backup

Protect Your Data With Managed Backup From SBT

Few things are more crucial to the success of your business than keeping your information and secure. But how prepared are you for when things don’t go according to plan? Without a solid disaster recovery and business continuity solution available, you might be putting the safety of your critical business data at risk. That’s where SBT comes in—as your managed service provider (MSP), we deliver managed backup systems that accommodate your unique needs. We tailor our services to fit your infrastructure; whether that means migrating your data to an offsite location, implementing cloud services, or just finding whatever will work with your processes and data requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of A Managed Backup Service?

Remote Access

Not every business operates in a conventional office setting. In the event of a natural disaster, you may not even have a choice. If you have team members working at an offsite location, they still have to be able to access your company’s data when it’s necessary. A custom-tailored backup solution allows your team to continue collaborating, regardless of where they’re working from. SBT develops an entire infrastructure based around your data access needs.


The easiest way to avoid a costly maintenance process after a data loss is to have a process in place beforehand. In the event of a disaster, a lot of companies turn to a haphazard, immediate solution that might ultimately lead to more issues down the road. With a secure, redundant data backup system in place, your team can avoid those expensive reboots that can put a massive dent in your team’s workflow.

Optimal Security

You might have an existing cybersecurity solution already, but if it ends up costing you any more time or money than is necessary, you’ve already got a problem on your hands. SBT’s in-depth IT assessments allow us to take a granular look at your current security, before delivering a backup system that covers up any weak spots moving forward. You don’t want a break-fix solution that only sets you up for success in the short-term—SBT’s redundant managed backups make sure every area of your network is accounted for, so that you can enjoy long-term productivity after a cyberattack or data breach.

Seamless Continuity

Nothing’s more frustrating than getting bumped back to square one, especially once you’re moving in high-gear. A serious data breach and result in more downtime than you can afford to spare if you’re not careful. That’s why you need managed backup for your network data. You’ll be able to carry on, business as usual. No more waiting for the lights to come back on to get back to work—SBT can keep your team up and running.

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