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Optimizing Your Hardware and Software With TaaS

Over the past decade, tech service providers have offered their products using the “as a service” model. Thanks to the cloud, more and more businesses can take advantage of powerful software while enjoying the benefits of new technology and devices. This is all without the investment required if you try to buy all these components separately. SBT Partners rolls hardware and software into a single Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering, allowing you to optimize your entire business as you see fit with devices and applications that work together perfectly. 

What Are the Benefits of TaaS?

Everything Is Cheaper 

Say your business hires 10 new employees to handle a busy period; five of them will stay on and the other five are temporary. Without SBT you would need to purchase computers and software for all 10 people and have them in place and working perfectly before the new employees started work. 

Through TaaS, you don’t need to spend this overhead. All it takes is a call to SBT, and an explanation of what you need, and we take it from there. And when the five temporary employees leave at the end of their tenure, we simply take the hardware back. You aren’t left with equipment that isn’t being used or with software licenses you can’t return. You can use what you already have to reduce costs, and SBT can consolidate existing servers seamlessly. Less on-premises IT means less physical overhead and a shift from capital expenses to operating expenses. 

Everything Is Scalable to Your Needs 

The previous example illustrates how flexible cloud-based services can be. Before the cloud, small and medium businesses had to scramble to get the technology they needed to run their businesses, and many proprietary software suites required a minimum number of licenses and a service agreement. With SBT you can do away with these headaches; your technology grows as your business does. 

Easier Customization

Not only can you have the right amount of technology, you can choose the exact devices you want and need. Without the initial expense, you have more technology available to you and you won’t have to compromise on quality. Now you can shape your business processes, do things more simply, and allow your employees to communicate and collaborate easily. 

Your Technology Is More Secure

Network security is a complex task and each part needs to work together to create an airtight shield against cyberattacks. SBT Partners can customize the hardware and software your business uses so each element of your network is protected. And with data redundancy and off-site storage, your information is protected. 

TaaS From SBT Partners Is a Single, Convenient Solution

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 days, SBT Partners has the solutions you need to reduce your technology costs, bolster your network security, and make your business run better. Reach out to us today and we can discuss how SBT Partners can streamline your path to success.

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