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The Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

What Is Desktop as a Service?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a delivery method in which virtual desktops are hosted by a cloud-based provider. This includes all support infrastructure such as network resources and storage. A DaaS provider streams virtual desktops over a network to a customer’s endpoint devices including desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Desktop and Technology as a Service (TaaS)  are simple, smart, and scalable ways your business can get the technology it needs at a fraction of the cost. Now you have instant access to computers, smart devices, communication technology, and other cutting edge components that will help your employees get more done quicker and faster than ever before.

DaaS is a flexible and affordable option for small and medium-size businesses that want to provide the advantages of a virtual desktop-style system without the added expense of doing it in-house. 

What Are the Major Benefits of DaaS?

Better productivity – A virtual desktop is accessible from any machine at any time. Employees can use a single login and access all files and applications from any device as if they were working on a PC at their desks. This flexibility is important for businesses that have remote employees who need safe access to information on their systems. 

Reduce hardware requirements – All the computing power is remote, which means the actual hardware the employee uses can be as basic and cost-effective as the company is comfortable using. 

Reduce infrastructure costs – This is one of the greatest advantages of a DaaS plan. Software licenses and applications are owned by the provider, which means the only real cost is the subscription plan. The powerful equipment needed to run these applications is also owned by the provider, so it handles any upgrades or hardware costs.

Scalable IT costs – Cloud computing options like DaaS take advantage of another benefit—and that is scalability. When a business needs to add or subtract employees, DaaS makes it possible to do this rapidly. Businesses can easily minimize costs by only paying for what is used. 

Improved data security – All files are stored centrally, so DaaS makes disaster recovery simple. Automated updates and independent backups are usually built in to the service. 

Enable employees to work offsite – Rapidly growing businesses can save on expansion costs by allowing a portion of their workforce to contribute remotely. This also allows employers to expand the pool of potential employees.

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