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The Importance of Regular Penetration Testing

SBT Partners will keep your networks safe by allowing them to be hacked.

Cybersecurity is so important to modern businesses. It seems that every news cycle contains an instance of data loss at a large firm or describes how a data breach exposed the personal information of millions of customers. It’s difficult not to be nervous about today’s cybersecurity landscape, which is why capable managed services providers (MSPs) like SBT Partners make sure your network is safe with regular penetration testing and risk assessment.

Penetration Testing Exposes Your Network’s Weaknesses

A secure network represents a significant investment in time and resources for a business—or at least it should. But when your business invests in network security, it’s difficult to measure the return on that investment. New products or services generate profits, and streamlining processes saves on costs, but the real measure of cybersecurity is what it protects your business from. Penetration testing (also called pen testing) is a tool we use to measure how effective it truly is. 

A pen test is a systematic exploitation of your system through real-life cyberattacks. This is done through a third party that uses every tool at their disposal to get around the security protocols in your system. Regular, automated, and manual security testing of your system can determine weaknesses in infrastructure and software. It also will find how reliable and knowledgeable your employees are about your cybersecurity needs. 

What You Will Learn From Penetration Testing 

Your System Vulnerabilities

The attacks used by the technicians will get progressively more complex and powerful until they fail or find a way in. A report will inform you of where your system is most vulnerable so you know what software and hardware improvements you have to consider and what needs to happen to improve your security. 

Pen testers try to use real-world attacks, which represent the most likely ways cybercriminals will try to exploit your system. This is important because some high-risk security vulnerabilities aren’t as hazardous because of how difficult they are to execute. This is the kind of testing that can only be done by trained and experienced professionals. 

How You Can Ensure Business Continuity

Your network needs to be available 24/7 so your employees have access to resources and so you never miss an opportunity. Disruptions and downtime are costly, and regular pen tests will reveal the likely ways they can occur. This enables you to plan ahead so your business doesn’t suffer from unexpected downtime.

What Security Requirements Your System Satisfies

Industry and legal requirements will determine the minimum level of cybersecurity your business needs. Penetration testing is the vehicle that proves you meet or exceed these requirements. Some requirements even specify regular pen testing to ensure system safety. Pen testing is fully documented, meaning you have proof of testing for any audits. 

Contact SBT to Make Sure You Have a Secure and Safe Network

A cyberassault or data breach affects your business from top to bottom. These attacks are costly in time and resources, and small businesses tend to have difficulty recovering from them fully. With SBT Partners, the best defense is one that has been tested, adjusted, and tested again. Penetration testing gives you peace of mind knowing your investment in security will pay off big in the long run. Call us today for more information. 

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