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Core Application Management

How Well Do You Know Your Own Applications?

There’s a strong chance that you didn’t create the software applications you use all by yourself. With so many companies offering first-rate solutions that can help your process, it’s imperative that you find the right one for what you want to accomplish. SBT offers Core Application Support services for critical backend applications you utilize in your environment.

Key components of our onsite and mobile application management services include:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Management
  • Proactive Problem Resolution
  • 24/7 Support

Quality Support For The Software You Need

You rely on your core applications on a daily basis—chances are, they’ve become such an ingrained part of your business, that it’s hard to know what you would do without them. SBT delivers the support solutions you need to streamline your business process, maintain an optimal standard of performance, and protect the information that you need to protect.

We offer support for applications including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • VMware
  • Citrix
  • And many more!  


Optimize your core application’s performance with SBT

We deliver the support services that you need to be successful.

How Can An Application Manager Help My Company?

In order to maximize productivity, your business should utilize products that make the most sense for you. At SBT, we take the time to understand your strategy on an intimate level; when we prescribe specific applications or perform updates and integration services for existing software that you already use, we want you to be confident that we’re delivering what’s right for you.

Our application management process includes services ranging from:

  • Detailed business process assessments: At SBT, we analyze the structure and workflow of your operations to proactively identify new solutions or how to improve existing ones. Our team’s years of experience give us the necessary perspective on what applications might be a good fit for your operations.
  • Installation and upgrades: What good is identifying the right software if it plateaus at a certain level? Our team of experts will collaborate with your personnel to ensure a smooth transition from pre-existing technology to your new platform. We’re there for you to answer questions that you might have, and are always looking for new ways to streamline performance with the software you’re already using.
  • Policy development and issue identification: If you’re planning on using your applications every day, then you need a support solution that’s up to the task. SBT works in tandem with your company for continual monitoring and support, so that you’re always maintaining compliance and staying ahead of problematic issues. We offer management for your application’s entire lifecycle so that the solution we install is one that lasts.

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"SBT has proven to us time and time again to be an integral part of our IT."

— Dennis Rachiele , PC-Network Systems Manager at TACO Inc.

We greatly appreciate the customer service exhibited by the SBT Team. Their response time and attention to customer issues is truly outstanding.

— Logan Thompson , Office Manager of Actifio

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